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Cross trainer – different disciplines to stay fresh for SUP during the off season.

We appreciate that as much as many will want to keep paddling regularly through winter the actual frequency of your SUP sessions may drop slightly because of winter. Less daylight, adverse weather and other things may conspire against you. But you still want to be fresh for when you can SUP. Here are a few suggestions of cross training disciplines from some of our friends to help keep you in shape and ready for it when you can.

WindSUP/wing SUP

Blowy weather become all the more frequent during autumn and winter so why not make use of it? Being able to attach a windsurf sail or fly a wing will still see you utilising your trusty stand up paddle board just in a different way. Fun in its own right wing SUP shenanigans will put a smile on your face regardless of being able to dip a blade. Plus, McConks has the very equipment for you if blowy conditions prick your interest.

Pool SUP

Technically no different to your standard stand up paddle boarding apart from it being indoors in a swimming pool. If you’re a member of a SUP club then this may already be an organised activity. Alternatively, why not gather together a few like minded individuals and try and arrange something with your local leisure centre.


You may already indulge in one of these two disciplines (or maybe both). A good many stand up paddlers rig a sail or blow up a kite when it’s not suitable for stand up paddle boarding. Wind sports are the perfect compliment to stand up with windSUP (see above) being the perfect entry into the world of wind, riders progressing to windsurfing/kitesurfing proper haven’t nailed down those fundamentals beforehand.


Not everyone wants to ride a stand up paddle board in waves. Some save SUP for flat days whilst the bust out their trusty ‘stick’ for when swells start to pump. Paddling with arms and sliding along liquid walls is certainly stoke inducing and will certainly benefit your SUP fitness. Likewise paddling stand up paddle boards will also benefit your surfing.


One of the missed by a lot of newbie stand up paddle boarders is the fact SUP requires quite a lot of leg use. Cycling, whether that be road biking or gunning up and down hills in mountain style fashion will see those pins getting regular use, keeping you honed and ready for more stand up paddle boarding when you can get on it.

There are, of course, plenty more cross over training activities you can indulge in that’ll compliment your stand up paddle boarding. Let us know what you get up to.

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