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Cold SUP, wild swimming and Swedish sunshine with Chris Jones.

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SUP in cold conditions (like, really cold!) is taken to extremes often by our man in Sweden, Chris Jones. Yet for anyone who’s seen Chris’ pics there’s no denying his local patch looks stunning for SUP. Especially during winter.

His latest images, posted to the McConks SUP community Facebook group feature Chris and co paddling in some breathtaking Swedish scenery. Windless waters, bluebird skies and amazing vistas make this a bucket list stand up paddle boarding spot for all, surely? And just to add more to the mix Chris decided to take a dip, wild swimming style during the session. By all accounts, the water temperature’s +1C with -3C air. That’s pretty hardcore by anyone’s standards. So big up Chris and keep those amazing images coming.

We will add that for anyone planning on stand up paddle boarding or wild swimming in cold conditions make sure you’re up to it, have experience and check all your safety points. Cold weather – especially super cold conditions – can be a real hazard to the uninitiated. For now though enjoy the photos below.

Chris Jones’ happy place.
A stunning SUP vista if ever there was one!
Taking a dip wild swimming style.

Check out more from Chris below.

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