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Cold innit? Another post about weather for SUP (April 6, 2021).

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Did you get out for a float this Easter Bank Holiday weekend? Was it a tad chilly? Did you cope or did you bin it?

There’s no question it’s a little brass monkeys currently, which after the mini heatwave of last week may have been a shock to the system. That said, there’s been plenty of sunshine and we’ve plenty of stand up paddle boarding action over the last few days. What many will be wondering is whether this cold spell will last or will we return to warm conditions and fair weather SUP?

We often talk about the weather on the McConks blog as we appreciate many paddlers are curious about Mother Nature’s moods and how this will reflect for stand up paddle boarding (generally). We also know that newbies mightn’t be that able to interpret predictions accordingly. Whilst these general crystal ball gazings don’t give specific location info we hope they might guide a little. Knowing the weather, and how this may pan out at your chose put in, is a SUP safety aspect.

So, what are the bods in the know suggesting for the coming period? Well, not a great deal of difference to be honest, as you can see from the below quote:

Saturday 10 Apr – Monday 19 Apr

The start of the period is looking very cold and wintry, especially for northern areas. Uncertainty remains in how far south this very cold air will extended. Within this a mixture of sunny spells and showers remains likely. Some of these outbreaks may be wintry, especially in the north. Furthermore, strong winds are expected for northern parts at first, though easing later. After this, conditions are likely to turn drier and more settled for most, with the greatest likelihood of unsettled spells in the northwest. Temperatures look to be largely below average for this time of year, with notable overnight frosts developing throughout. There is a possibility that temperatures will lift nearer to or slightly above average later in the period.

And the following period is even more vague:

Monday 19 Apr – Monday 3 May

There is low confidence for this period, with current indications of a mixed, slowly evolving change in weather likely through the middle of the month. There is no strong signal towards above or below average rainfall at this time. Showers or more persistent spells of rain remain likely throughout, but some drier interludes remain possible. Temperatures may vary around average for this time of year. Towards the end of April, and into early May, confidence is very low, with no strong indication as to any particular weather type. The typical scenario for this period is for the most unsettled weather to affect the northwest of the UK, with the southeast seeing the driest conditions.

To be fair it’s pretty hard to accurately predict what the weather will be like more than three days out. The word ‘signal’ is used in the above. A weather signal is a small sign of what things may be possibly be. But these are open to interpretation as well as change. The overriding take away from the Met Office’s long range weather forecast is that thermometer readings will be on the lower side. This doesn’t mean you won’t score idyllic session under the sun with windless waters. But you’ll probably need to be on it and able to head off when suitable windows of opportunity open.

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