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Christmas gifts for SUPers. Too early to talk about?

Christmas gifts for stand up paddlers? Are we jumping the gun talking about ethical, sustainable pressies for the stand u paddlers? At time of writing the end of October looms with pumpkins, fangs, ghosts and ghoulies all the rage. After that, it’ll be bangs and bonfires. Most people at the moment aren’t giving a second thought to that rotund fellow in a red suit. Let along what Christmas gifts are going to be discovered under the tree on December 25!

Christmas gifts for SUPers. Too early to talk about?
Well behaved SUP Father Christmas’s waiting for the big day.

Yet Christmas isn’t too far away. Before we all know it Rudolph will be rocking, Santa will have been stuck up the chimney. Noddy will have yelled ‘it’s Christmas!’ far too many times. And those ‘wishing it could be Christmas everyday’ may have changed their mind! The point being now’s the time to start planning and actually buying for those in your life who stand and paddle.

And to make things easy here at McConks we’ve put a Christmas guide to buying ethically and sustainably for any SUPer you hold dear.

Christmas ethical, sustainable gift guide.

To give it further credence we’ve actually just updated our Christmas SUP guide for ethical and sustainable presents which is worth a look if you’re still undecided what to get. McConks has a whole load of good stuff in the webshop that’ll make ideal presents. We also work with a bunch of stand up paddle board providers who could offer the very Christmas gift you’re looking for.

So, time to get at it! Check out the McConks sustainable Chritsmas giving article here –

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