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Inflatable paddle boards - so what really is the best technology?

Lots of paddleboard manufacturers say that safety is in their DNA. Or that safety is at the heart of what they do. Most of them say it just to sell you a paddleboard from our experience. Outside of a few brands there’s very little evidence that they actually mean it. Very few of them do […]

Wing skating – learning to one wheel wing with James Dunstone.

Wing skating learning with James Dunstone

Wing skating is something we’ve talked about for a while. If you follow McConks on Instagram you may have seen a post we published a while back showing James Dunstone getting used to the McConks Go Fly wing on land. For anyone looking to learn the ways of the wing this is the best course […]

Yogis stand up – top tips for choosing SUP Yoga gear.

Using a stand up paddle board for Yoga, or rather an inflatable floating platform (as not all Yoga ‘boards’ are actually boards) has been a ‘thing’ for a while now. With SUP’s current momentum, however, there’s a surge of interest in this area of stand up paddle boarding. Here’re a few points to consider when […]