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Paddle boarding initiatives 2024 – awesome things McConks are doing this year.

Paddle boarding initiatives are things McConks believe wholeheartedly in. Whilst we’re a paddle boarding brand, selling equipment (along with outdoor adventure gear) we’re also keen to give back. Every year we try to raise our game in terms of making McConks McConks more sustainable. Or supporting charities and organisations making a difference. Here are some […]

SUP Lass Paddle Adventures Amazon SUP Challenge 2024.

SUP Lass Paddle Adventures – aka Caz Dawson – along with Jonathan Gill and Matthew Phillips will be paddling a 330km route along the Amazon River. The Amazon SUP Challenge 2024 takes place between 2nd-10th June 2024 and McConks has been chosen as the team’s board sponsor. Engagement with local communities via SUP. The aim […]

McConks One Way road trip x Barry Hughes paddlesports

Inflatable paddle boards - so what really is the best technology?

Lots of paddleboard manufacturers say that safety is in their DNA. Or that safety is at the heart of what they do. Most of them say it just to sell you a paddleboard from our experience. Outside of a few brands there’s very little evidence that they actually mean it. Very few of them do […]

The one way of life road trip | SUP4 x McConks

Inflatable paddle boards - how do I choose the best 1 for me?

A few months back, we sent some of our friends on a road trip to some of our partners and friends, to shoot some content and have some fun. We chose people and companies who are passionate about paddleboarding, who are in it for the long haul, and who, generally, share the same principles as […]

Wing skating – learning to one wheel wing with James Dunstone.

Wing skating learning with James Dunstone

Wing skating is something we’ve talked about for a while. If you follow McConks on Instagram you may have seen a post we published a while back showing James Dunstone getting used to the McConks Go Fly wing on land. For anyone looking to learn the ways of the wing this is the best course […]

McConks awesome SUP partner salute #5 Fenwick Ridley.

One of our favourite wild swimming, paddle boarding and outdoor adventure chaps Fenwick Ridley is next up in our McConks awesome SUP partner series. Not only is Fenwick an avid wild swimmer – utilising spots around his Northumberland home – he’s a super keen bean paddle boarder who puts his skills to good use. Helping […]

McConks awesomeness SUP pics – Instagram edition.

McConks awesomeness SUP pics - Instagram edition.

Usually, we pool the McConks awesomeness SUP pics from our fab McConks SUP paddlers who post in the McConks SUP community Facebook group. This time we plundering the McConks Instagram following. As there are plenty of SUP boarders who post pics there as well. Check out the hall of fame below before hitting up their […]

Swedish winter SUP reel with Chris Jones (video).

Swedish winter SUP reel with Chris Jones (video).

Swedish winter SUP looks amazing. How do we know this? Well, take a look at Chris Jones’ images (which you can see more of in the McConks SUP community Facebook group here) and we think you’ll agree. There’s something quite special about sunny blue skies, glassy water, SUP, snow and ice together. The whole thing […]

A sea salt affair: I am someone, I am me. Who are you?

I am me. I am someone who lives by the sea and enjoys their toes in the sand, the gently lapping waters of the ocean tickling my skin. I am someone who could do this for hours – days, weeks even! I am someone who enjoys walking barefoot along the coast, gazing out at stormy […]

Curativate SUP Yoga with the McConks Fitmat 7’3.

Pics: Curativate Hands up! We don’t give SUP Yoga enough air time on the McConks blog. Even though Mrs McConks practises it and we have gear for all you keen Yogis. As anyone who practises SUP Yoga will tell you the addition of floating on water whilst striking those all important poses is an extra […]

SUP for wheelchair users – McConks’ Mega lending a helping hand.

Pics: Steve Nelson It’s not always easy for disabled people wanting to get involved with stand up paddle boarding. There are lots of logistics and safety points to tick off and with every disability different, and the way it affects each individual, no ‘blueprint’ exists for getting afloat. Yet, where there’s a will there’s a […]

Carolyn Smith’s Barford to Boston (Lincs) 32m SUP challenge nears…

Carolyn Smith and Phil May (from Yellowbelly SUP School), as we’ve talked about before, is planning on completing a mammoth stand up paddle board journey (in aid of charity) from Barford to Boston in Lincolnshire. Sept 28, 2020 marks the date when Carolyn and Phil are due to set off. Covering 32 miles this is […]

McConks SUP: a helping hand, where possible…

It’s not just general mental well-being that stand up paddle boarding can help with, there are plenty of other well being areas that SUP can benefit. For instance, we have it on good authority that the right kind of stand up paddle board can encourage people with behavioural problems, or with autism (for example) to […]