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Bungee SUP riding #2 – newbie glides with Oli Lane-Peirce.

We talked about getting some additional summer fun with bungee SUPing in the following article.

Following this and posting pics to social media feeds there’ve been a number of questions. It’s certainly not going to be for everyone but some interests were pricked. One query was: ‘how hard is it to bungee SUP?’. So with this in mind we decided to rope a willing victim in to demonstrate.

Oli Lane-Peirce is no stranger to the McConks blog. He himself, as well as his awesome pics, have been featured before. By Oli’s own admission, however, he’s a progressing newbie stand up paddle boarder. So the perfect subject to try a spot of bungee SUP for the first time.

As before the chosen board was the McConks Go Free 9’8. Having the right balance of stability, maneuverability, glide and tracking it’s perfect for this kind of thing. what should be mentioned is this would be the lowest volume and narrowest board OLP has ever used. And that’s also with doing a new thing in mind – so no muscle memory build up. Oli’s also a bigger boned individual, but as you can see he took to bungee SUP aboard the McConks Go Free 9’8 without any issues.

There were a still a few comedy moments of stacking it! But that’s par for the course when talking watersports. If you’re not getting wet then you’re not trying hard enough and all that! Suffice to say that Oli had a whale of time trying bungee SUP for the first time. And he commented how easy the Go Free 9’8 is to use, which surprised him.

Teetering on the edge but just about holding on!

Of course, bungee SUP is just a bit of fun and messing about on the brine while it’s hot and sunny. The point is, however, that there’s plenty of versatility within stand up paddle boarding to enjoy all conditions. Sometimes you just have to get a little creative.

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