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British Canoeing SUP working group

Supporting a positive future for SUP

Just a little something else McConks will be doing to give something back to Stand Up Paddleboarding. Andy is now volunteering his time on the British Canoeing SUP working group.

First meeting on 5th Feb. Interesting times ahead.  Read more .

This is all part of McConks desire to make the world a happier place through the medium of Stand Up Paddleboarding!  It sits alongside our Go Inspire initiative, and is all part of our company vision of Ethical | Sustainable | Fair |


British canoeing SUP working group


Back in July 2017, British Canoeing hosted a workshop of Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) stakeholders to discuss the future of SUP, and consider the opportunities and challenges of the coming years.

Discussions covered coaching and qualifications, events (recreational and competition), access, environment and the profile of the sport.

SUP has a large crossover with both paddlesports and surfing. British Canoeing are committed to growing and develop all forms of paddlesport, including SUP.  And they’ve said that they’re keen to listen to, and understand, where they may be able to provide more support to SUP and Stand Up Paddleboarders.

The workshop agreed that there was an active and enthusiastic SUP community with great role models and ambassadors operating over a range of SUP disciplines, in different settings and offering a whole variety of participation options. But that there was scope for better coordination of areas of work, to provide some consistency and share messages more widely.

BC have therefore set up two technical groups, and have undertaken an open and transparent selection process to select the members of both groups.

SUP working group

This group has recently been set up, and will focus on the broader issues affecting SUP.  The first meeting is on 5th February 2018. The SUP working group will be setting their own priorities and if required, Terms of Reference. They will also select their own chair.   The following are the types of broader issues that the working group might consider:

  • coordination and support of events
  • SUP safety
  • Access to waterways and places to paddle
  • Accessibility and equality
  • Environmental awareness
  • Profile and promotion of SUP
  • Looking after the interests of recreational/social paddlers

BC had over 40 applications for the paddleboard working group, and selected individuals to represent the wider SUP community:

  • Andy McConkey
  • Ben Longhurst
  • Clifford Meaden
  • Dave Adams
  • Jen Steventen
  • Martin Barlow
  • Michelle Stewardson
  • Phil Mather
  • Rachel Ince
  • Tez Plavenieks
  • Tony Jones

SUP technical group

The SUP technical group is focusing on leadership, coaching and qualifications, and will have direction provided by the British Canoeing Coaching Strategy Group with the Head of Coaching setting work/tasks depending on project requirements.

British canoeing had over 40 applications, and have selected individuals from across the many and diverse disciplines, so that every arena of Stand Up Paddleboarding is represented.

The group consists of white water specialists, adventurers, RNLI safety, SLSGB, Yoga and fitness, British Surf Champions, Racing, outdoor learning consultants, product and qualifications development, biomechanical researchers and much more!

The technical group members are:

  • Adam Williams
  • Alex Sergison
  • Anthony Ing
  • Cassie Paxton
  • Caroline Carr
  • Darren Sherwood
  • David Tidball
  • Owen Burson
  • Matt Barker Smith

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