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Brand new McConks Go Race SUP – currently on tour in Sweden…

You may have seen our social media posts regarding the brand new McConks Go Race prototype inflatable race SUP. We have to say ourselves it looks the bees knees in the frozen wilderness of Sweden where test pilot Chris Jones resides (thanks for the shots Chris!).

New McConks Go Race iSUP looking resplendent in Sweden.

We’re super proud of the design and whilst it may be labelled ‘race’ that doesn’t mean you have to go and smash out the miles whilst vying for the podium. Podiums, at best currently (with lockdown restrictions in force across many areas) are few and far between. The new McConks Go Race SUP doubles as performance orientated machine that any reasonably experience paddler will be able to pilot.

McConks Go Race iSUP updated!

McConks products often get missed as innovative, with the lion’s share of attention given to our all round recreational stand up paddle boarding equipment. But as we’ve said in the past we do innovative, tinker and aim to improve. Which is what we feel has been achieved here.

Stay tuned for the official launch of the McConks Go Race iSUP. any questions just shout.

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