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BIGGER outdoor adventures – 7 fabulous experiences to enjoy with family and friends.

BIGGER outdoor adventures don’t mean scaling the summit of Mount Everest or freediving the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench. Everything being discussed in this article is still accessible. For friends and family to enjoy. These suggestions are just a few of what you could enjoy as longer excursions. There are plenty more.

A word on BIGGER outdoor adventures and equipment.

Before embarking on BIGGER outdoor adventures you need to be adequately prepared. Having the right ‘tools’ for the job is essential. When out in the wilds the last thing you need is to be caught short. Therefore it’s wise to make a list ahead of your departure date and pool together everything you need. If possible, maybe pack some gear so you’re good and ready for the off. Pre-prepared efficiency is, after all, one to make your BIGGER outdoor adventures set off on the right foot.

Research and prior planning.

For outdoor adventures that will take you and family/friends off the beaten track, you need to understand the route well. You’ll also need to assess where emergency ‘get outs’ are. And how easy (or tricky) it’ll be to raise the alarm should assistance be needed.

BIGGER outdoor adventures - 7 fabulous experiences to enjoy with family and friends.
Just get out there! But safely…

Here at McConks, we’re all for fun and adventure in the outdoors. But we urge all to do so with safety in mind. We’ve seen it often with paddle boarding how circumstances can take a turn for the worse. And a seemingly benign situation ends up being much more life-threatening. So the old saying goes: ‘Prior planning and preparation prevents poor performance.’

1. Paddle boarding and wild swimming day trip.

Being a paddle boarding brand you may expect to find a suggestion like this on the list. No less, with BIGGER outdoor adventures in mind, it’s a good one to tick off. It’s also pretty easy to accomplish.

Picking your route is the first thing – ideally with a suitable wild swimming venue at your goal point. Taking your time to reach that destination is part of the fun. Followed by a dip, chill and then heading back to your original put in. This is a good one for those with a day to spare. Especially during warmer, milder weather where friends and family can tag along.

Outdoor adventure gear you might need –

2. Explore the South West coastal path.

The South West coastal path stretches 630 miles. Starting in Minehead, Somerset, the path runs through picturesque parts of Devon and Cornwall before finishing in Poole, Dorset. We’re not suggesting you aim to complete the whole route, Instead, pick a section and navigate this.

With its stunning views and points of interest along the way, the South West coastal path is one all outdoor adventurists should have on their bucket list.

Outdoor adventure gear you might need –

3. Scenic cycling day trips.

Grabbing your bikes and getting gone is a great choice for BIGGER outdoor adventures. Most people own bikes – you don’t need anything specialist. And these can be used to access all sorts of outdoor adventures.

BIGGER outdoor adventures - 7 fabulous experiences to enjoy with family and friends. #2
Mr. McConks getting some two wheeled action in the bag.

Picking a new and scenic spot (ideally with plenty of off road or quiet routes) is an enjoyable way to spend the day. Pack a picnic and, once at your destination, pitch up for a spot of lunch.

Outdoor adventure gear you might need –

4. Walking the Langdales, the Lake District.

With its meandering trails, rugged summits and craggy slopes the Lake District’s Langdales is a picturesque location for all types of outdoor adventures. There’s something for most people. It’s even a good choice for taking your dog (if you have one). Although, remember to observe the Canine Code.

The circular round around Blea Tarn is the easiest and most accessible walking route. It gives views of Little and Great Langdale. Plus all that forged by fire and ice terrain you associate with the Lake District. If you fancy relaxing then being next to Elterwater can be dreamy.

Outdoor adventure gear you might need –

5. Climb Llanberis path to Yr Wyddfa summit (Snowdon).

Snowdonia National Park attracts thousands of visitors each year. Some of whom have the Yr Wyddfa summit in mind. The Llanberis path is the most accessible route. But it’s still potentially tricky. Weather, personal fitness and navigational skills should all be kept in mind when attempting this hike.

Graded as hard/strenuous by the National Park Authority it’ll test newcomers all along its 9 mile length. Ascending to 3000 feet, however, the views are certainly worth it! Do note the Llanberis path can get very busy in high season. So plan accordingly.

Outdoor adventure gear you might need –

6. Camping weekend(s) under the stars.

One of the simplest BIGGER outdoor adventures that you can also combine with other activities, is camping under the stars. With clear night skies, this can be a fabulous way to gaze at the many constellations and galaxies. 

BIGGER outdoor adventures - 7 fabulous experiences to enjoy with family and friends. #5
Camping under the stars.

Pick your camping spot and times wisely and you may be served up some amazing views. Perhaps even the Northern Lights if you’re in the right location. There’s nothing quite like staring up into space to give a sense of place in the universe!

Outdoor adventure gear you might need –

7. One wheel Skateheel adventuring.

We appreciate for this to be accomplished you actually need to own a one wheel or Skateheel. In the instance of one wheel group adventures multiple. But being so affordable that’s entirely possible.

BIGGER outdoor adventures - 7 fabulous experiences to enjoy with family and friends. #6
Family McConks off on a one wheel Skatewheel dog walking adventure.

You’re then free to explore and roam aboard this unique one wheel electric skateboard. That can actually go off road. Family McConks have been known to take theirs across all kinds of terrain. We even take our dog for a walk aboard them. We appreciate this is a bit niche but it’s certainly doable none the less.

Outdoor adventure gear you might need –

Summing up those BIGGER outdoor adventures.

BIGGER outdoor adventures don’t have to mean anything other than more time to indulge in outdoor activity. And likewise, the suggestions in this article aren’t extensive. There’s plenty more on offer if you do a bit of research. Make sure you have the right outdoor adventure equipment with you, plan and prepare and we guarantee you’ll have some fun.

For the full range of McConks outdoor adventure equipment and gear head over to the online shop here.

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