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Big surf, rain and the largest storm of autumn so far – SUP weather watch Oct 27, 2020.

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Although we’re well into October half term it’s worth talking about the behemoth low pressure currently tacking into towards the United Kingdom and Ireland. With a Def Con 1 warning in effect exposed beaches, particularly those in Cornwall and Devon, will see huge surf and probably quite a lot of breeze. Oh, rain as well! Which everyone will no doubt relish. If you’re planning on getting in the water during your week long break then it’s worth considering the peak of the swell will hit tomorrow (Wednesday, Oct 28, 2020) and last into the weekend. There’ll be big tides as well meaning additional currents running. Most beaches will probably be red flagged, according to an RNLI update. They do suggest that if there’s a way to keep waters open they’ll do so. Some spots may offer shelter – the more popular ones will no doubt be crowded. If you do plan on getting wet then it’d be wise to consider your skill level and whether you’re up to it. Also, your gear.

But it isn’t just the SW you’ll need to be careful with. Our sources based along other parts of the British and Welsh coastlines are reporting large waves and gusty winds today (Tues October 27, 2020). This too will only ramp up. Autumn 2020’s been fairly quiet so far with not much in the way of storm activity. The past few days have seen torrential rain and blowy weather in parts with the arrival of this low pressure fully kickstarting what will become normal during the next few months.

So best advice is be wary. If you’re new to SUP now’s not necessarily the right time to be pushing your envelope. We’re not trying to be the fun police but Hobnobs and tea, whilst observing conditions safely from afar may be the best course of action. Save your stand up paddle surfing progression for another, less hectic time. If, however, you able to cope and perform in conditions like this then be sure to put on a show (safely) and signpost just how the performance end of SUP can be.

Fistral North, Newquay, Cornwall surf report

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