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And now, the weather: summer of SUP ’21 set to be a scorcher?

Don’t worry we haven’t turned into the sensationalist tabloid press. We’re not suddenly going to be chucking out factless weather forecast data plucked from some random place in the ether. That said, we are looking on with interest how things begin to pan out and see what comparisons, if any, can be drawn with 2020’s summer.

One fact, that is corroborated by meteorological experts, is 2021 will be the seventh successive year of global warming. On average temperatures will be up between 0.91°C and 1.15°C over the pre-industrial period, from 1850-1900. Climate scientists say: ‘global average temperature rises need to be kept within 1.5°C to avoid the most dangerous impacts of climate change. The first year global temperatures exceeded a rise of 1°C was 2015.’

Last year saw a sublime summer with plenty of applicable weather for stand up paddle boarding, generally. There were blips – there always are. But most of us enjoyed some sunny conditions and warmth.

Whilst rainless days are welcome the problem, is of course, that a continuing trend of rising temperatures isn’t great for planet Earth. We all love warm periods where taking a dip, going for a paddle and enjoying time around water doesn’t result in hypothermia. Unfortunately the fallout from this warming effect won’t do anyone any favours.

We can’t predict (and nothing can) the exact details of 2021’s summer. Even though the trend is for further warming we may still get rain. La Nina will be make herself felt which may lower overall global thermometer readings. But as we’ve said already experts have confirmed it’ll still be a hot one none the less… (source).

If it does turn out a sizzler then we should certainly enjoy the outdoors and the heat. There’s no better place to be than in the brine (or on it) when mercury levels ramp up. We just need to be mindful of why it’s happening and do our bit to help with climate change, as we do here at McConks.

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