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Ahoy there shipmates! – eFoiling and yachting, perfect partners!

Anyone who owns a yacht (or yachties as they’re affectionately nicknamed) likes their toys. After all, that’s why you own a yacht, right? It’s also par for the course that many yachties also like to load up on extra toys for those all-important rest stops and recreational weighing of anchors. Once tied off there’s additional fun to be had to that of just sailing.

Over the last few years it’s been stand paddle boards that many boat owners have stocked up on, and you can see why (it’s still happening as well we might add!). Easily stowable on deck (or below), ripe for a bit of paddling fun having reached the destination in question, they’re a great yacht toy to have. But now there’s a new ‘toy’ that’s also a great fit for the yacht owner crowd…

As many regular McConks blog followers will know we’ve been putting a prototype electric foil through its paces. Yacht owners are one of a few ideal audiences who fit the eFoil buying demographic. Due to their compact nature eFoil boards, just like regular stand up paddle platforms, are easy to stow onboard. The foil itself is modular and therefore break down, again, making it easy to stash somewhere on or below deck. Having arrived at your chose spot it’s then a case of assembling and launching from the boat. Riders don’t need to be anywhere near popular beaches and, in fact, can be in quite deep water with the person’s yacht itself providing not only the launch pad but also a handy rescue boat in case assistance is needed (handy to have that as peace of mind).

With a yacht hard to access locations, at least on foot, can be made a beeline for. Then bust out the eFoil for a cruise around the locale and some additional watery fun. The easy transporting nature of eFoil gear makes it super attractive to anyone already owning a boat. And of course should yacht/eFoil owners want to take their toy elsewhere, away from their boat, then that’s possible. Unlike say a jetski, which requires a trailer, it couldn’t be easier transferring your eFoil to the car or van and heading off for further flights of fun.

If you’re a yacht, day boat or large vessel owner looking to stash some additional toys onboard for moored up laughs then give us a shout to talk about the McConks eFoil: the perfect complement to your yachting life.

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