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5 summery SUP things to do with your paddle board.

Owning a paddle board gives you chance to literally go anywhere and do a whole heap of things on the water. With UK summer in full effect getting afloat is a must. But SUP isn’t just confined to floating mere yards from shore. Here are five easy things to tick off your SUP bucket list this summer.

Paddle for a pint.

There are plenty of SUP routes with pubs, restaurants and refreshment stops along the way. Owning a paddle board means you can dock your gear anywhere and grab a much needed drink.

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A whole new way to sup pints (pun intended!).

It doesn’t have to be alcoholic either. For those who enjoy a brew a nice cuppa is also game. Check your local area for decent paddle and pint routes.

Paddle board at sunrise (or sunset).

We’re big advocates of sunrise/sunset paddling. Early morning sunrise sessions are particularly fulfilling. Waking at dawn’s crack and putting in well before the masses arrive is pure bliss.

Sunrise paddles are the best.

Sunrise is often the best time to score flat, windless water as well.

Go on a paddle boarding picnic.

Have SUP, will travel. Even if not that far. Your SUP is ideal for loading up with essential foody items before taking the family off for some well earned nosh.

Head off round the bend, pitch up in your chosen spot and chomp away. Maybe kick back in the hammock with a drink to while away a few more hours before heading back to base. SUP can certainly be as chilled as you like.

SUP picncs or BBQs for the win!

Do a paddle scavenger hunt for your kids.

This one may take a bit of planning but a SUP scavenger hunt can be a great to get your kids unwittingly covering some ground on their paddle boards.

As the summer holidays roll round it’d be another way to keep them entertained at least!

Getting your kids active this summer, however you do it, is great.

Use your SUP for wild swimming.

Wild swimming has gained much traction in the last few years. Just like paddle boarding. Combining the two open up even more stretches of water – especially those tucked away corners.

Anchoring off your SUP and taking a dip is a perfect hot summer weather activity. Cooling off has never been so, er, cool…

Fenwick Ridley’s idea if wild swimming may be a bit extreme. But you get the point.

Ler us know what other summery SUP activities you get up to.

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