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Cleanliness is next to unleakiness

Cleanliness is next to unleakiness

If you’re looking for top quality, bombproof SUP without any airbubbles or imperfections, a clean  factory is a good place to start.

McConks aseptic environment

The video at the bottom of this post was taken today of our McConks boards in production by our quality assessor.

Things to notice:

  • The floor is lined. This lining is replaced regularly – the lining is ripped up, the floor is swept and vacuumed under the lining, and then the lining replaced with new material and taped down.  Any dust that remains is locked out of the working environment under the lining.  Whilst this might seem like a waste of material, it’s better than lots of iSUP boards needing to be disposed of because they have dust or other impurities in the glue, and hence have leaky rails!
  • Every workstation is meticulously clean. No random bits of tape or paper that can get caught up in the manufacturing process and cause board failures.
  • A large stack of inflated boards. The fins are glued on when the boards are inflated, so it’s not unusual to see lots of inflated boards in factories, However, in our factory, the boards are left inflated to 15PSI for 72 hours, after which they are pressure tested. In the very unlikely situation that the boards have microscopic leaks, the boards do not get sold.

There's a reason why our boards don't leak, and have no air bubbles in the seams.It's because, unlike some other brands, we have a meticulously clean factory. As you can see in this short vid of our boards being made.We don't give this a fancy name for marketing purposes. We just call it good practice. #asepticenvironment#cleanenoughtooperate#cleanenoughtoeatoff#heatfusion#proudlymadeinchina#suplife

Geplaatst door McConks op Donderdag 22 november 2018
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Black Friday 2019 SUP offers

Sorry. We don’t do Black Friday, or Black Friday week, or Black Friday month.

We do something much better. We offer up to 35% discount.

Which means you can buy a SUP from one of the fastest growing SUP brands in the UK for around half the price of it’s biggest competitor – Red Paddle Co.  Don’t you think that’s better than any Black Friday offer?


Why don’t we do Black Friday? 

Black Friday is the time when retailers and etailers discount stuff that they have failed to sell all year, or desperately try to flog stock that they’re not going to sell by Christmas.

We can’t keep up with demand at McConks – because we price all of our gear at the right price all year round, we’re almost permanently out of stock! And because making quality gear takes a long time, it takes a long time to get kit back in stock. And therefore we don’t need to discount overstock products.

Our offer is quite different. 

Although we don’t do Black Friday, we can offer you up to 35% discount, which is as good as many Black Friday offers. But we can only offer that if you preorder for Spring 2020.  If you can wait for a few months, then you can get up to 35% off our SUP gear – boards, paddles, pumps, and more.

So ask yourself this…

Are you that desperate for your SUP gear, that you’re willing to buy gear that retailers have been unable to sell so far this year at a bit of a discount? 

Or would you rather pay less to buy brand new kit from one of the fastest growing and most respected SUP brands in the UK?

Check out our preorder prices for 2020 if you answered the right way 🙂

“But I need a present to unwrap”

If it’s a Christmas present you’re after, and you’re worried about the lack of a physical present to open, we can send you a glossy voucher/IOU to hide under your Christmas tree (if you ask). 

Alternatively, we have lots of attractively priced, quality items that make great presents. Why not buy a warm winter bobble, a snuggly organic SUPwear hoodie, a vintage canvas baseball cap or some floating wooden polarised sunglasses.

But to get ahead of the game, we think our 2020 preorders are better value than ANY Black Friday offer.